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The Smart Power Relay E-1048-8C.- is a remotely controllable electronic load disconnecting relay with three functions in a single unit:
- electronic relay
- electronic overcurrent prodection
- status indication
The 7 pin CUBIC version is designed for use with standard automotive relay sockets. A choice of current ratings is available from 1 A through 25 A. An operating voltage range of DC 9...32 V allows the connection of DC 12 V and DC 24 V loads.
Voltage rating of load:
DC 12 V/ DC 24 V
Operating voltage of SSRPC:
DC 9...32 V
Current rating of load:
Var. 1: 1 A
Var. 1: 2 A
Var. 1: 3 A
Var. 1: 5 A
Var. 1: 7.5 A
Var. 1: 10 A
Var. 2: 15 A
Var. 2: 20 A
Var. 2: 25 A
Number of poles:
Short circuit current limitation:
typically 75 A (1-10 A IN)
typically 350 A (15 A, 20 A, 25 A IN)
Signal outputs:
control signal AS and group fault signal SF
transistor output, plus switching
analogue output 0...5 V
control signal AS
group fault signal SF
Temperature range:
-40...+85 °C
for other temperature ranges please see ordering key
Mounting method:
standard automotive relay socket