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Internal connection diagrams
Thermal circuit breaker, with controlled self-resetting mechanism, specially suited to installation in inaccessible locations. Under overload conditions the circuit breaker contacts will open to protect the load circuit. A low current excitation circuit ensures that the contacts remain open thereby avoiding the hazards of automatic reset operation. The circuit breaker is reset by switching off the supply circuit for a short period. Class 2 device, contacts stay open until voltage is removed.
Type II to SAE J 553.
Voltage rating: 
  • DC 12 V
Current ratings: 
from 12 A to 30 A  
Number of poles: 
single pole 
Mounting method: 
Terminal design: 
blade terminals 
without actuation 
Auxiliary contacts: 
without auxiliary contacts 
Water splash protection: 
without water splash protection 
without illumination 
Typical life:
300 operations at 2 x IN
Interrupting capacity Icn:
200 A, L/R = 2.5 ms